Steven Knight: General Computing links

Last modified: 7 December 2000
AltaVista: Advanced Query  
Web design  
Web Pages That Suck -- What's New  
Creating Killer Websites Online  
Web Wonk Good Web design and surfing tips, including The Single-Pixel GIF
Philip and Alex' Guide to Web Publishing Antidote to the graphic-design tyranny by Philip Greenspun, (including a great Chapter 5: Learn to Program HTML in 21 Minutes), with a good overview of why graphic design kills good content.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML  
HyperText Markup Language Specification Version 3.0  
Introducing HTML 3.2  
Single file version of Generating HTML  
Perl stuff  
PERCEPS Home Page  
jday and jdate functions  
Web Review: The Virtues of Perl - a Perl5 CGI Library  
DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5  
The Perl 5 Module List  
Shore Project Home Page  
The Elements of UNIX Style "If UNIX is the Great Novel, Perl is the Cliffs Notes."
CGI Tutorial: Start - a Perl5 CGI Library  
Databases and SQL  
The mSQL FAQ  
SQL Tutorial  
SQL FAQ: Table of Contents  
Oracle FAQ : SQL  
DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5  
Monet Homepage  
TDBM Home Page  
DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5  
DBMS - June 1996 - Object-Oriented Analysis and Design  
Software Development and Configuration Management  
CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents  
Brad Appleton's Software Configuration Management Links  
Recursive Make Considered Harmful  
Software by Peter Miller  
The Cocoon Utilities  
Project Management & Bug Tracking for Linux  
Cons: a make replacement  
Tom Van Vleck A lot of good software engineering stories and aphorisms.
A Memory Allocator  
The Libretto Library Manual  
Open Source  
The Open Source Page  
Open Design Circuits  
Open Source Software Development as a Special Type of Academic Research Nikolai Bezroukov's critique of Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", discussing some of the hassles that Open Source projects face.
Response to Nikolaie Bezroukov Eric Raymond's response.
A Seymour Cray Perspective  
SCD Computational Servers  
Other Industry Legends  
Dennis Ritchie Home Page  
EDWARD R. TUFTE-CLB Interview 1994-1997  
DONALD KNUTH-CLB Interview 12/7/93  
Tom Van Vleck A lot of good software engineering stories and aphorisms.
Microsoft Bashing  
Bill Gates Net Worth Page  
Windows 95 and MSIE Security Hole  
No Internet Exploder!  
Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer visits Santa Claus  
The Real Bill Gates Diary  
demoroniser - correct moronic and gratuitously Microsoft HTML  
Target: Microsoft -- Quotes From the Company  
The Economist  
SVLUG Events: Launch Win98 on a Rocket  
Microsoft: Unix powerhouse? Not exactly a bashing article, but interesting nevertheless
Justice Department uses Microsoft's own words against it (InfoWorld)  
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX  
Microsoft and 3D Graphis: A Case Study in Suppressing Innovation and Competition  
Boycott Micro$oft "Support Competition, Free Markets & Innovation"
Becoming a programmer for Windows is like becoming a dentist for a Tyrannosaurus Rex ...and other interesting similes
Microsoft Cries Foul Over Netscape Communicator 4.5 From the "dish it out but can't take it" department
The Elements of UNIX Style Why NT is found wanting.
anti-Microsoft jeremiad Awesome spleen-venting by Eric Raymond
Slashdot:Feature:Brave new World  
Lawrence Lessig's open letter to Bill Gates  
The Microsoft Matrix Yuck! How'd this pink, gooey slime get all over my operating system?
Fun Pages  
The Easter Egg Archive  
Colossal Cave Adventure page  
GIF image 160x91 pixels  
Fun web services  
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia  
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)  
The Surrealist Compliment Generator  
AIEEE Acronym generator!
Routing statistics  
IPMA MAE-East statistics  
Cooked MAE-East statistics  
Gigabit Ethernet  
3Com rides the Gigabit bus  
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance  
PROMINET Corporation  
Gigabit Ethernet  
Gigabit Ethernet  
Myricom Home Page  
Welcome to the Foundry Networks Web Site! Intel readies Gigabit Ethernet offerings  
CBQ (Class-Based Queueing)  
WorkPage: World Locator for New Research  
Integrated Services (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers)  
The IP over ATM Mailing List Archive: Re: IP Broadcast  
Interface Commands  
CBQ (Class-Based Queueing)  
Tutorial A  
Infocom '96 Abstracts  
Directory of /user/hzhang  
Differential Services for the Internet  
Maryland CS Technical reports, by A. Udaya Shankar  
The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of SMART: A Scheduler for Multimedia Applications  
Real-Time Bib: Fair Queuing Scheduling  
Hui's Abstract  
Lookup Algorithms  
An IP address lookup algorithm  
February 1996  
Past and Future Infocoms  
Udayan Palekar  
Ian's Home Page  
IETF Home Page  
Index of /rfc/  
Index of /internet-drafts/  
Literate Programming  
Noweb home page  
Literate Programming and FunnelWeb  
PLEB: Pocket Linux Embedded Box  
Gigabit Ethernet with Linux  
Project Management & Bug Tracking for Linux  
Internet History  
How the Internet Came to Be As told by Vint Cerf.
John Quarterman Revisionist Internet History  
Work-Related Pages  
Personal area networks  
ATM Markets, Vol. 1 (Executive Summary)  
WIRED 4 10: Netheads vs Bellheads  
Wotsit's File Format Collection  
Cyberworld Monitor - September 1996  
SunWorld Online - September - Feature  
Lesson 1: Introduction to Open Systems Networking  
IP/Routing Consortium  
The Routing Arbiter  
The Retrocomputing Museum  
Jargon File Resources  
Domain Names and Trademarks - What's in a name?  
RFCs Supported in IOS Release 10.3(1)  
Nanog Archive  
Information technology  
ITC Home Page  
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page  
RSVP: ReSerVation Protocol  
Local Area Networks Excellent, compact summary of just about ever LAN standard out there and its overview specs (speed, type of cable, &c).
The International Obfuscated C Code Contest  
I-WAY Home Page  
Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)  
I've seen this before...  
The Story of the PING Program  
How to be a Web Whore Just Like Me  
IP Multicast Developer Resource Center  
Packet: Mark Frauenfelder - Culture  
The Trattner Network - Home Page  
Is the Internet in Trouble?  
Window Managers for X  
The OO SoapBox  
Canonical list of operating systems that suck  
SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)  
SWIG Documentation  
Technology News from Wired News  
IP On Speed  
PBS Online Presents: I, Cringely  
UPSIDE.COM: Feature  
Software\emdash Practice and Experience  
Marcel Waldvogel's Publications  
ACM SIGCOMM '98 PROGRAM - Abstract  
Odd Comments and Strange Doings in Unix  
Trolls, Hoaxes, Culture Jamming, Poetic Terrorism, Media Hacks, Frauds, Impostors, Spoofs, Counterfeits, Fakes, Pranks, Scams, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds  
April Fools on the Net  
Switching ATM in the Service Provider Market -- March 1998  
Jorg Brown on Mac OS X  
The Elements of UNIX Style  
Drive Different Great parody add for the "iCar".
Presidential Chat Prank Home Page "Wolf, what about you? Are you all for more porn on the Internet?"
C'est Need to Know Computing observations and commentary, with a slightly anti-Microsoft bent.
N F R | T R A F F I C T I C K E T S Network traffic violations!
Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards A fair amount of inspiration from Bierce's Devil's Dictionary and Kelly-Bootle's Devil's DP Dictionary.
Oberhofer Hand-Crafted Computers Keyboards and displays in wooden finishes!
forum - Guest Feature: The Internet Auditing Project How a small group tried to scan every computer on the net, including a really, really subtle and scary sophisticated counter-attack they provoked...