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Last modified: 7 December 2000
Seymour Cray  
A Seymour Cray Perspective  
SCD Computational Servers  
HPCwire article about the demise of Cray Computer Corporation  
Alan Turing  
The Alan Turing Home Page  
Turing's Treatise on Enigma  
Tom Van Vleck A Multics programmer with good insight into software engineering.
Tom Van Vleck A lot of good software engineering stories and aphorisms.
Bruce Tognazzine  
The Designer is IN, author of Tog on Software Design and Tog on Interface
R. Buckminster Fuller  
R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics  
Frank Jacobs Frank Jacobs has written light verse for Mad Magazine since before I began reading it in the late 1960's. His parodies of well-known poems and poets are, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant.
Jacob to Jag  
the jabberwocky variations: introduction  
Kevin Wald Amazing parodist with an astonishing mastery of an astonishing number of medieval languages and song and verse forms. Original author of...
Gabrielle and Xena meet Gilbert and Sullivan ...this famous, well-executed parody that made its way around the Internet a while ago.
Literary Endeavors A central index of Wald's literary parodies.
Uta Spreckelsen A soprano who I came across on a wonderful recording of Telemann's two-person opera Pimpinone. As long as I was searching for her, here are the links...
Spreckelsen A home page! Actuallly, biographical notes from her professorship of voice at the Hochschule fur Musik in Munster.
Fagotti An apparent list of vocal music instructors, which also indicates Ms. Spreckelsen was/is connected with the Hochschule fur Musik in Detmold, Germany?
Harald Berger A biography from a student?
La discographie de l'Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne - OCL She recorded the Vivaldi Magnificat with them in 1986 (Erato 451222).
"haennsler" label. A listing of recordings from this minor label? Spreckelsen listed on a Helmuth Rilling recording (number 98.970) of a C.P.E. Back Magnificat and J.N. Bach Missa Brevis.
Document sans titre Discographie that lists her as a soloist on an Erato Collection "Musique sacrée baroque" vol.20 , with l'Ensemble vocal de Lausanne and l'Ensemble instrumental de Lausanne (Michel Corboz).
BWV 198 A page devoted to this Bach cantata (Lass, Furstin, lass noch einen Strahl), with a mention, under Additional Recordings, of Spreckelsen on an Erato LP of this cantata with Michel Corboz and the Lausanne Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra.
CLS Bach 1-KZ A distributor catalog that mentions a Bach Family disk, "Hanssler" number 98911.
Sarah Lindsay A bunch of links mentioning Sarah, a friend from college whose volume of poetry Primate Behaviour was a 1997 National Book Award finalist.
Sarah Lindsay's Primate Behaviour -- Authors Review of Books -- 12/21/97  
ALA RUSA Notable Books 1998  
The Threepenny Review: Fall 97 Table of Contents  
Book Notes: (04/05/98, CHN)  
Linda Vester Now FOX News (formerly MSNBC) correspondent and anchor. I'm a sucker for attractive, intelligent newswomen (my biggest media crush of all time was Linda Ellerbee circa NBC News Overnight in the early 1980's).
NBC NEWS AT SUNRISE: Linda Vester's Bio From back when she had the late-night shift at NBC.
FOX News Channel Now on the 1:30-3:00 FOX News Live time slot.
Linda Vester NBC News at Sunrise Boston University alum profile and interview from back when she was still at NBC and MSNBC.
Steven Feuerstein An expert Oracle PL/SQL programmer, and a Jewish-American iconoclast with an open mind and keen intelligence.
Not In My Name Feuerstein's site for supporting an end to Israeli treatment of Palestinians.
I Don't LIke Your Examples! Tired of dry, sterile examples of how to create and use databases, he wrote his examples to make political points: A database of war criminals and their crimes contains an entry for Henry Kissinger and the secret bombing of Cambodia... This is the furor that resulted.
Discuss & Discover with Danica An actress who played Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years, and who happens to be a published applied mathematician (summa cum laude from UCLA).