Steven Knight's Bookmarks: Football links

Last modified: 13 September 2000
ESPNET SportsZone: NFL  
FOX SPORTS: NFL Standings  
NFL History "Exhaustive Expository Concordance of the National Football League." I haven't had time to check this out.
NFL Weather Hall of Fame Really nice, concise writeups of NFL games played in miserable weather conditions.
Packers There are a lot of dead Packers links out there.
This list is current and active (except where noted) as of 13 October 1998.
The Official Web Site of the Green Bay Packers. Enough said.
Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame Promo page, not terribly special.
NFL.COM: Green Bay Packers The league's official team site.
Green Bay Press-Gazette Packers News "Hometown Coverage of America's Team" Good News & Features and Archive search.
Green Bay News-Chronicle Unfortunately, they don't have a subsidiary Packers page, so read today's headline about life in Green Bay on your way in...
Green Bay Packers: Packer Plus OnlineŽ The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Packers page. Excellent source of information.
AllSports' NFL Green Bay Packers Site Standard-issue collection of info provided by other sources. Not much value added here.
Green Bay Sports Net You mean there are other sports in Green Bay?
Packernet "Mazy's Thoughts" are good. (The URL is supposedly for 4.0 or later browsers; the splash page has a link for older browsers.)
Packer Fan Tours Goodness. There are Deluxe Tour Packages that include ALL home and road games. What you can't get with money these days.
For the Fan Green Bay Packers merchandise.
Packer Time Lots of Green Bay Packers merchandise. A page that loads lots of graphics and sends lots of cookies...
The Frozen Tundra "The Web's #1 Unofficial Packers Site" Pretty nicely done, a little boosterish in its analysis.
The South End Zone Good historical info and stats, as well as a search engine for Packers bars. "...for the Diehard Packer fans!"
Tim's Green Bay Packers Page Monthly analysis from the U.K.! A very modest, nice page.
Kokott's Packer Page A lot of ads, that annoying embossed-helmet background; not a lot of direct substance, but a good collection of NFL team links, and a huge list of Packer links, most of which are dead. (I've already combed them for you.)
Borg's Green Bay Packer Commentary Borg tells it like it is. Worth a quick glance.
The Very Unofficial Packer Page No up-to-the-minute news or stats, static for a long time (still mentions Milwaukee home games), but has some nice tips for acquiring tickets.
Tom D'Acquisto's Green Bay Packers Page. Some links. Too many graphics.
Chad's Packer Page 140 links, all last checked on 14 July 1998. Unfortunately, Chad's links don't change color when visited (at least on my NetScape 4.0 browser on Linux), so you can't tell what you've already visited... Annoying title and rotating football animations.
Packer Backer Paradise  
Title Town U.S.A.  
Brett Lorenzo Favre #4 A pretty complete fan page for the man.
Jerry Kramer The campaign for a deserved Hall of Fame spot.
OLD PAGES Nice page, nice set up for 1998-1999 season, but the last game covered was the first preseason game against Kansas City in Tokyo.
John's Packer-Page One guy's musings, apparently from before the 1998 season ("Vonnie Holliday had a great camp").
Pack Attack "The unofficial, unabashed Green Bay Packers E-Zine!" Last updated April, 1998.
Green Bay Packers: Packattack main page Well, this version of the page mentions Reggie's anti-gay diatribe to the Wisconsin State Legislature.
Rufus's Packer Web Page Hasn't been updated since before Super Bowl XXXII.
Welcome to Titletown USA Another old page, stagnant since the 1997 season.
Lambeau Link The 1997 schedule and draft order!
Packer History Chosen PackerChatters site of the week, 9/9/97! Find out about digging out the sod before the Carolina NFC championship game!
OLD GEOCITIES PAGES I've separated these because Geocities pages pop up that annoying window to plug their free web pages. You get what you pay for--which is to say, enough enthusiasm to slap up a page, not enough to follow through on it...
Packer World Way too splashy, too many graphics, annoying animation, scrolling text... Last updated following the Broncos-Packers 1998-1999 preseason game.
John Ford's Green Bay Packers Page Okay, so this page made it through the second 1998-1999 preseason game...
Flight's Packer Page Hasn't been updated since April, 1998. Annoying embossed-helmet background on an annoying GeoCities page,
"Home of the Green Bay Packers" By Michael Brixius. Hasn't been updated since the 1998 season opener against Detroit. Another GeoCities page, with all the GeoCities annoyances.
The Green Bay Packer Page "Last updated on August 4th. 1997." [sic]
Keith's Ultimate Homepage for the Pack Last updated before the 1997-1998 Buccaneers playoff game in Green Bay.