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Last modified: 7 December 2000
Hallmark - Shoebox - Funny But No  
Jet Powered Kitchen Dragsters  
Stick Death Theatre  
"M&M's"® Colorworks™  
Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time Curious George and the High-Tension Power Line
Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon  
IllusionWorks Home Page  
Bert is Evil !  
Astronomy Picture of the Day  
the ONION, Number One In News  
IHTFP Online Hack Archive  
White Trash Online  
A Trip Through Newspaperland  
Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head Home Page  
CRANK Select-O-Matic  
This is the Worst  
"I Just Want To Be Friends."  
AGD Antics and Mayhem Page  
TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page : By Patrick G. Kenny  
Level Seven Digital * McDougal Douglass Jet Fighter Warranty Reply Card Heard loud noise, looked up.
Welcome to Hillary's Hair  
Get a Life! Corporation  
Kickback Unlimited  
Wacky Packages Remember these from when you were a kid? Sure you do.
Net Gems A well-selected set of net humor from the years.
Ad campaign for a Brazilian internet company Animated banners of electrical plugs having sex!
jeremy j. bornstein's business cards Hyperspace Engineer. Death Dwarf of Minuraud. ferret designer. What an open business card policy can lead to...
Welcome to the White House, y'all!