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Last modified: 31 August 1998
The Rules of Fencing "The Game of Fencing" shows up in John Brunner's book The Shockwave Rider. Very intriguing rules, although it's clear they were never play-tested. I've flirted with the idea of writing a software version and experimenting with the rules to turn it into a playable game.
Diplomacy Alan Calhamer's classic game of intrigue. I used to be active in the play-by-mail hobby in the 1980's.
Diplomacy Links A page run by Dave Kleiman, an old acquaintance from my very first postal game.
United A great game of soccer management, invented by Alan Parr.
The Ultra Cricket Homepage  
Greg Lindahl's Home Page  
An Introduction to Play-By-eMail Soccer (Doug Ingram)  
Doug Ingram's Home Page  
Ladder Electronic Football League