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Last modified: 7 December 2000
Early Music: Performers and Ensembles  
Altramar medieval music ensemble  
Sequentia I wish they had a better site available...
The Rose Ensemble for Early Music  
The Internet Renaissance Band MIDI files of early music
The BIMBETTA Home Page "Five babes go for baroque." They removed the default index page, and this is supposedly the "old" page. Most of the pages on the site were last touched more than a year ago, but they have been keeping the Upcoming Appearances page current...
Liber unUsualis Home Page Melanie Germond's ensemble. (An old colleague from the Early Music Ensemble of St. Paul.)
Early Music: Presenting Series  
The Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition  
St. Paul Early Music Series  
Home Page: R&B Society of Pittsburgh  
Other Early Music links  
Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Mittelalter  
Early Music FAQ  
Francois Velde's Home Page  
Arto Wikla's Music page A Finnish lutenist, with a lot of links.
Harmonia Syndicated early music radio program out of Indiana, hosted by a really cool lady.
Gregorian Chant Home Page  
Brad Leissa's Home Page Brad maintains very large and useful lists of Period Instrument Performance Ensembles and Early Music Vocal Ensembles.
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Homepage  
Review of Ex Machina's 1994 production of La Purpura de la Rosa  
SCA Minstrel Homepage Includes a page with Cantiga facsimiles
Academic ("Classical") Music links  
Tom Lehrer Discography  
Art Town  
Toby Till It Hurts  
Reprise Records Home Page  
Musical Events for the Twin Cities  
Classical composer biographies  
Alternative "Messiah" texts  
A Cappella links  
The Dale Warland Singers  
Primarily A Cappella  
What's New at Primarily A Cappella  
Dare to Breathe  
Popular Music links  
Ferron Web  
The Similarities Engine  
Cindy Lou's Page ! My cousin, Cindy Lou Harrington.
GMIA Scrapbook A picture of Cindy Lou performing
Sounds Great No Really: Friends Another picture of Cindy Lou: "Redefining the word trouper"
David Leonard Keyboardist who produced Cindy Lou's album.
RzWeb The Residents
Stabat Mater page Awesome summary of musical settings of the Stabat Mater by a Netherlandish gentleman who has recordings of 82 different versions (as of May 1999).
Requiem page Not quite as complete as the Stabat Mater page, but an impressive listing of many settings of the Missa pro defunctis / Requiem mass.
Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (American Memory, Library of Congress) selected from the collections of Duke University