Steven Knight's Bookmarks: Strong Women

Last modified: 7 December 2000
The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade Gillian Anderson is Intellectually Drop-Dead Gorgeous.
Heartless Bitches International - "Deal With It!" ...because we know that "Bitch" means Being In Total Control, Honey!
Heartless's Holey Haven - Talk A haven for holes and things that go in holes.
Heartless's Holey Haven: Stupid Penis Tricks Like it says.
All Men Must Die In case you haven't realised it by now, these pages contain material some people might find offensive. (Unfortunately, it's somewhat moribund right now, but still extremely entertaining.)
CV On: How to Spot a Non-Dominant  
Women Who Pee Standing Really. How-to and serious discussion, not erotica. One of the pages at
The Nation - Selected Editorial Susan Faludi defends Gloria Steinem from charges of actually wanting people to recognize the gray areas of sexual harassment.
Disgruntled Housewife your guide to modern living & intersex relationships
Awesome site. Very nice graphics, great attitude.
gURL mag/zine  
s p a c e g i r l  
chickclick Girl sites that don't fake it
Holt Uncensored #100 : 10/19/99 Amazon V. Amazon: Sex, Lies and Depositions